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Blue Ridge Labradoodles - Puppy Health Guarantee

State of South Carolina Rules and Regulations govern all warranties and guarantees.


  • Length of Guarantee: Blue Ridge Labradoodles will guarantee your puppy against all life threatening, hereditary defects, including mild to severe hip dysplasia (detailed below) until the age of 24 months. (For an extended guarantee option see details at the end of the contract.)
  • Current Health: Puppies sold by Blue Ridge Labradoodles (Seller) are honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible. All puppies have seen a Veterinarian between the age of 6 weeks and 8 weeks and been found free of intestinal parasites. Upon going home at 8 weeks, your puppy will have had at least his/her first puppy shot (D2APPv) and two rounds of de-worming treatment. In order to verify the good health of the puppy, Buyer must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of the receipt of puppy purchase.
  • Spay/Neuter Agreement: Blue Ridge Labradoodles is selling this puppy as a pet and does not allow pet to be used for any breeding purposes. We require that your puppy be spayed or neutered by a veterinarian of your choice before 6 months of age, and provide Seller with proof of this procedure at the age of or before 6 months. If Buyer fails to provide proof of spay or neuter by 6 months from the puppy’s date of birth, all health guarantees will be null and void and puppy must be returned to seller or a sum of $5,000 must be paid to Blue Ridge Labradoodles as a breach of contract for a pet sale. At the time of receiving proof of this procedure you will receive ALCA registration information or pedigree, if you have a puppy with a merle parent.
  • Details of Hip Dysplasia Agreement:

A.  If the dog is diagnosed by Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) or Penn Hip as being moderately or severely dysplastic on or before 24 months of age, the Seller must submit a copy of the OFA report to the breeder. 

B.  A veterinarian cannot make this diagnosis and the dog must be sedated when the radiograph is taken. 

C.  If the dog has suffered any serious injury, or veterinarian states the dog has been over-fed for its height and size, than this guarantee becomes null and void.

D.  Concerning reimburesement for medical procedures, Blue Ridge Labradoodles will pay up to amount of the purchase of the puppy, or a replacement puppy of equal value can be made if Buyer so chooses.

  • Original Purchaser: This health guarantee is only applicable to the original Buyer.  If the puppy has been re-homed, this guarantee becomes null and void. 
  • Specific Conditions: Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life-threatening and therefore are not covered: umbilical hernia, un-descended testicle, kidney/bladder infection, under-bite or over-bite, Grade 1 luxating patella. Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a heredity problem and not due to accident or contagious and/or other illness.
  • In Case of a Refund: If a refund of money paid for puppy or replacement of like puppy, when one becomes available, is deemed necessary, in no case shall monetary refund exceed original price paid for said puppy. Under no circumstances will Seller reimburse shipping, delivery or optional training charges.
  • Extended 1-year Guarantee Option: If the Buyer chooses to purchase at least one year’s supply of the recommended NuVet supplement, then this Guarantee is extended until the puppy reaches the age of 36 months/3 years.




Blue Ridge Labradoodles specializes in raising healthy and well-adjusted Australian Labradoodle puppies born from qualified and tested breeding stock. We are proud to be able to offer a variety of colors: red, apricot, cream, black, chocolate, red and white parti, and other parti colors, and well as puppies with unique and beautiful white markings. Our puppies are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle puppies. We serve the entire USA, but are particularly serving the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area and also serving with occasional delivery to areas within our vicinity such as North Carolina: Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; South Carolina: Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; Mount Pleasant, SC; Atlanta, Georgia, GA; Tennessee: Knoxville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN and we offer shipping country-wide. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.