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Izzy/Romeo Puppy 2014

Boomer and JouJou and FRIENDS!

JouJou ~ Caramel Female ~ Bree/Romeo 2014

"The Christmas training program at Blue Ridge Labradoodles is worth every penny. Definitely a top notch program. Our dog Boomer came to us Christmas 2013. He flew into Houston December 23rd and slept like a champ all night in his kennel! No whining or barking. He came to us kennel trained and paper trained for potty time. They leash trained him as well as teaching him to sit and come on command when called by name. He is a very social dog. Loves all animals and kids of all ages. The breeders/trainers do a fantastic job socializing their animals." ~Niki in TX

Boomer ~ Apricot Parti Male ~ Izzy/Romeo 2013

Jeana, Just dropping you a line to thank you again for our Peaches. She is two today and the sweetest, most playful girl.  She loves endless snuggles as much as she loves her extensive collection of tennis balls.  She is so cute I frequently get stopped when we are walking to ask what kind of dog she is.  Hope you and your family are well!

Kindest regards,
Lauren & Mike in NC

Carley/Romeo Puppy 2014

Blue Ridge Labradoodle Puppy Featured in
Atlanta Pets Magazine!!

"Hi Jeana, I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to share with you that Kieran and Wyatt are doing great together. They have similar personalities and couldn't have been more perfectly matched! We entered them in Atlanta Magazine's best Atlanta pet contest and they were one of the finalists!"

Molly/Romeo Puppy 2014

Jeana! It is so good to hear from you! I brag about you all the time!

We are absolutely in LOVE. We named Joy, “Psyche” (well, Santa did :) and she comes to work with me every day. We hope that she eventually becomes a certified therapy dog. :) 

She is absolutely gorgeous (as you can see) and the kids adore her. Her demeanor is so pleasant and she is super easy to train. My husband walks her and the kids to school (1.3 miles each way!) every day; we comment almost every day how lucky we are to have her…I never knew what a dog could do to you!

I so hope all of the other families in our litter are enjoying your obvious labor of love. 

A TRILLION thank you's! God bless to you and yours!

Much Love and Light to You,

Jazzmine/Geo Puppy 2015

Dear Jeana,
   I have intended to email you long before now, but time seems to get away with me :). I want to thank you over and over again for allowing us to have Iris. We have renamed her Harbour, and she is a wonderful and adored addition to our family. We love her so much!  She has grown so in two weeks already, sleeps all night in her crate, is doing well with potty training (with occasional accidents through the daytime), is eating well, playing a lot, and has learned to "Sit", learning to "Stay", and are working on "Leave it."  I cannot wait to get up in the mornings to go get her and play, and love my time with her throughout the day.
     She is a beautiful little girl, and we are so thankful to have her.  I have had several people ask for your contact information, and have eagerly shared. I just wanted you to know how precious she is, and we could not love her any more than we do ��.  Thank you again!    Cindy

Meoldy/Romeo Pup 2017

As a very active family, we didn't need a laid back dog, we REQUIRED it. Well, Blue Ridge Labradoodles delivered! Reilly Finnegan is brilliant and adorable. He was easily crate trained and is unbelievably calm. He is way more relaxed than our 8 year old goldendoodle. He fits our family like a glove and we couldn't be more pleased. Rest assured, Jeana will help you choose the right puppy to fit your lifestyle.

The Brennan Family

Knoxville, TN

(Puppy from Jayla/Romeo Litter 2012)

Hi Jeana!
We are so in love with our "punkindoodles" as we call them.
I should have known they would be sweet when the airlines praised how good they were with the flight! They are really growing and have the sweetest temperament. Our son who was afraid of dogs before, has really blossomed and is gradually getting over his fear. For that alone, the pups have blessed our home!
The staff at the vet's office have also fallen in love with them! The pups are in excellent condition and have been 3 times so far for checkup and vaccinations.
We appreciate you Jeana and how easy you made this entire process for us! Everyone wants to know where we got the "doodles"!
So naturally I've been telling them all about you!

I also think there's a great benefit in getting 2 at a time! They play with each other, sleep with each other, and really just love each other. They are not stressed when we leave, and don't really ever bark. And since you started the crate training for us, it was very easy to continue.

They are such a precious part of our family!
Thank you for your help and guidance with this process and for selling such happy and healthy dogs!

The Davis Family, TX

(Puppies from Jayla/Romeo and Bella/Romeo 2012)

Hello Jeana, hope you and your family are well. I am sending you pictures of Kenzie, one before her haircut with me and my 11 year old poodle at a drive thru and one with her new haircut. She is the joy of our household and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful baby.

Thanks again for my wonderful puppy. She is the best dog I have ever had.

Izzy/Romeo 2016 ~ Black/White Parti Female

Bree/Romeo 2014 Caramel (RED) Male

"This is Scout .... He is the best dog ever!!" - NC

Bree/Romeo 2014 - Caramel Female

"We love our sweet Annie, whose mom and dad are Romeo and Bree. She's the sweetest most fun and loving dog." - NC

Caramel w/ White ~ Bella/Romeo Litter 2012
(similar to Jayla/Romeo breeding)
We adore our Rocky!!   Sorry I am behind in sending you pictures!!   As you can see, his hair got SUPER long this summer, but still no shedding at all!  
Rocky is great with our boys, 9 and 7, he LOVES to go on walks and recently has been going on runs with my husband and Scott says he is a perfect companion, keeping up just great, not pulling, etc . . . He loves going on long hikes in the North Carolina mountains.  His favorite thing to do is sprint between our packs of hikers.  He ends up going at least 5 times the distance of everyone else!   From the very first night we had him home with us, he slept great.  He LOVES his sleep and will not get up until the last family member is up for the morning.    He also has recently figured out how to fall asleep first with the boys and then switch to our room when we go to sleep.   The cutest thing he did recently was find his leash, pull it off the table and drop it at my feet so that I would take him on a walk!  Also from the very first day, his favorite mischief is to find a brand new roll of toilet paper and tear it to shreds, so funny!   My guess is that he is between 18 and 20 pounds.  We get compliments on how cute he is nearly every day.  We are not quite sure how to take this, but most people laugh at how much Rocky looks like us!  curly auburn hair, green eyes, haha . . . he was clearly meant to be ours!!!!    Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi Jeana,

Our family is overjoyed with our newest member, Cooper. From day #1 he has been an affectionate, fun-loving puppy and gets along so well with the kids. We have been very impressed by his quick ability to learn, in terms of rules of the house, "potty training," and ordinary commands. He also came practically crate-trained which we were very grateful for. Jeana was extremely helpful in accommodating our wishes for a mild tempered puppy, after we picked out the color and sex we were looking for. He has been very healthy, doesn't shed at all, and while only 10.5 lbs at this point, he is quite long! The transactions, delivery, and certifications have been extremely smooth and we would certainly encourage those looking at miniature labradoodles to check out Jeana's upcoming litters :)

Jim and Christina in MA

(Caramel from Jayla/Romeo Litter 2012)

Dear Jeana,

We hope that your New Year is starting very nicely. Attached are a few  pictures of Frosty. We are very blessed to have this little piece of sunshine in our lives - Thank You. It is hard to believe that he has been part of our family for 6 months already, and we seem to love him more each day. He is such a fabulous little guy – fun, adorable and affectionate, and indeed, we have much to learn from his bright and joyful nature. Thank you again for making this possible and we wish you a Very Happy 2014!

Daisy/Amos Litter 2013

Just wanted to share a picture of Huck at almost 6 1/2 months. We could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you!!

Chocolate Phantom ~ Daisy/Romeo 2013

Huck at 6 weeks
Huck at 6 1/2 Months
Apricot Male ~ Carley/Brooks 2015
Just wanted to let you know that Phelps (FKA Loyal) is doing quite well. We are all in love with him! Thank you for allowing us to welcome him into our family.


You can see Cameron and his companion on our Puppy Steps Training Page - this is him all grown up!

Carley/Romeo Puppy 2014

Hello Jeana,

Here are a few pictures of Libby (born spring 2013 - mom - Carley / dad- Romeo).  She is a beloved member of our family and we can't image life without her.  Libby is fun and playful, but she is also sweet and cuddly.  And so smart!!  Libby comes to work with me one day a week at a school for kids with disabilities. She is so loving and patient with the children at the school.  They love her as much as we do!  We just wanted to let you know what a blessing Libby has been in our lives.  My son (who is 13) says that Libby is his best friend!  

Thank you Jeana!
Carley/Romeo Litter 2013
Jonathan & Jeana,

We just wanted to let you both know what a wonderful dog Drake is. He adjusted to life with us very quickly & (here comes the bragging) was crate trained & sleeping through the night almost immediatley, walking on a leash, sits & stays.....I could go on & on!! We are just in love with him & he has just been a blessing to us & our family at Grady's. Customers have stopped & asked where we got him so hopefully you will start seeing some business referrals.
A special thanks as well for his "going home' package. Matthew (10 year old) reads the bible book that you gave us EVERY night before he goes to bed. You guys have a special gift in what you do & we pray the Lord will continue to bless you & your family.
We'll keep sending updates along the way! :0)

Kim Phillips, VP
Grady's Great Outdoors

"We Sell Adventure!"

(Red From Carley/Amos litter 2012)

Thought I would share a few photos of Draper. He is the BEST puppy EVER! Draper is smart, so loving and so friendly to everyone. He is perfect for us!

Carley/Geo Apricot Male Puppy 2014

(This family is also our Guardian Home for Sir Pressy Brooks)

We had grandchildren visiting from Connecticut earlier this week, and the 6 year old little girl fell in love with Bella.  She carried Bella around in her arms almost constantly, and Bella never once reacted in a negative way.  She also tried picking Brooks up, but did not get to far with that (just a little too big for her to handle).  There was never any tense moments related to the dogs’ reactions to all the attention.  I was so proud of both of them and especially little Bella!  They both are very gentle, loving dogs.  We are so blessed to have them.

 Thank you!

Joan & John

Carley/Romeo Apricot Female Puppy 2014
Hi Jeana -
Hope all is going great with you and your family! I have been referring you lately to a few friends who are looking for a dog and love our Mason. 

We welcomed our first child in October, the same month Mason turned 2, and they are best friends already. Thought I would send you a picture. Thank you again for our wonderful baby girl.

Carley/Amos Puppy 2012
Hey Jeana,
We just love our dog, Dixie. She is full of personality and energy but yet loves to cuddle up. She travels great in the car. Our daughter, Katie, thinks Dixie is the best Christmas present she has ever received...Dixie is approximately 18 lbs and from her back to ground is 15-16 inches tall (at 6 months). Fur is so soft, gets poodle curly when she has been out in the rain or had a bath and dries to curls and waves...Love her white markings and so do most people who see her. Our vet just loves her. We haven't had any problems with her other than the usual house breaking mishaps. Dixie is truly loved and pampered entirely too much for any animal!! We would not have it any other way.

Tammy in NC
(Apricot ~ Carley/Amos litter 2012)

Good morning,

My name is Erin S. and recently we have purchased "Zion" and have renamed him Leo. I wanted to let you know how grateful we have been for a smart, funny loving, and active puppy. This dog has been absolutely great and has brought many smiles to my face during my chemotherapy treatment weeks. I can't thank you enough for breeding the perfect dog that exceeds all of our expectations at such a young age!

Thank you again for all your help!

Our Little Stewie (formerly Leo)!!! Oh what a ham!! If anyone ever doubts you, have them call me!! You are so true to your description of the pups you sell!! You truly are a wonderful talented breeder!! We absolutely love our boys from you!! Thank you!

Leo - renamed....Stewie

Caramel Parti Male ~ Izzy/Romeo 2015

I love Onyx!! He is everything you said he would be!! Just under 30lbs of perfection!!! He's already one year old!!!


Black Male ~ Carley/Brooks 2015
Red ~ Carley/Amos 2012 Litter
Last November, my children lost their grandfather and their dad within a week of each other, and there was a great deal of sorrow in our home. We had been talking about getting a puppy for a few years, always waiting for that right moment.... and it felt like that moment had come. We found Blue Ridge Labradoodles online and saw Carley's Christmas babies, and we were in love.

Interestingly, our first choice puppy was not available... in fact the only puppy available didn't exactly have the coat texture we were looking for, and she wasn't the exact color we had hoped for, and so there was a brief and small disappointment and questioning, "should we wait for Carley's next litter? to get exactly what we want?" Of course as a mom I wanted the most perfect little puppy for my kids, and thankfully I was able to trust that God knew which puppy was best for us, so we decided to adopt that last available pup...

The second we met Mocha, it was LOVE! She has been wonderful, cuddly, soft, smart, loving, social, calm, peaceful, playful, cooperative, and adorable all rolled into one. The perfect dog, hands down! She has grown to just over 17 lbs. She came to us already crate trained (thanks, Jeana!) which was a huge plus. Mocha seems always ready to participate, cooperate, and love us. The healing she has brought to our family cannot be expressed in words, and I believe the only bad thing about this puppy is that she makes me want more puppies!

We have such gratitude for Blue Ridge Labradoodles and these beautiful little dogs they are sharing with the world... little healers spreading love and light everywhere they go, as only creatures of God can do!

The Lorello Family
Greensboro, NC

Skylie's Friends!!!

Katey (Tootsie/Jack 2016) and Tiki (Izzy/Romeo 2015)


Hello... Looks like you all have been very busy...... I renamed Torino to Dario.....we and everyone loves, loves, loves him.......he has an attitude  which gets him in trouble sometimes, but he's so darn adorable  it's hard to get upset with him. We are going to NJ in Sept to meet Skylie and See if Dari remembers Sicily who they renamed Tiki. Here are a few pics.....he is precious thank you...

Izzy/Romeo 2015 ~ Black Parti
Molly's litter of 2014

Molly~Romeo 2015 - Red Merle Parti Male

Hi Jeana,

Just want to let you know how Riley is doing. He is our bundle of fur, so cute and smart. Getting along well with his brother Rupert. Almost 5 months old now and he lost 4 of his teeth this past week. Everywhere we go everyone stops us to ask what kind of breed he is and says that he is so cute and adorable. Everyone loves his eye color.

Attached is Riley's picture, his beard is always get dunked in the water bowl whenever he drinks. He is gorgeous and we think he looks like his Dad, Romeo.

Thank you for picking Riley for us! He is just perfect!


Chocolate Female ~ Jazzmine/Romeo 2015

Hello Jeana,

I wanted to send a short note to let you know that Molly is doing
great. She has adapted well to her new home and family. She is eating
good and only whimpered a little when I put her in her crate that
first night. She loves the Bunny Rabbit you gave her, she drags it
around everywhere. She is such a joy to all of us!

Thank you so much for raising such loveable little puppies, you and
your family have done a fantastic job! I would recommend your kennel
to anyone!

Regards, Carolyn in GA

Chocolate Parti ~ Jayla/Romeo Litter 2013
"Princess Charmer at the Fairmount!"

"Captain Charmer on Watch Duty"
4 months old

Hello from Quebec City !

As you can see from the picture , Princess Charmer was well welcomed at our Chateau Frontenac Fairmount suit !
She was excellent on the plane and acts like a world traveler already ! So well behaved ! She is a big hit at the chateau !!
Nice to be here

Love, hugs & licks to all of ya !

J&D & c   xxx

Just wanted to say everything is well with charmer !
She just had her first hair cut and was really good about it !
She listens really well& walks on the leash like she's a big deal prize winning pedigree pup !!! 

Our girls wanted to let you know that Boomer is doing well and growing fast. He is 11 pounds now and is such a good boy! He's got the potty training down and the girls are always teaching him a new command. He has been the perfect addition to our family! He has a perfect temperament!

Jayla/Levi 2014

Caramel ~ Jayla/Romeo Litter 2013

Hi Jeana,

I just wanted to thank you!  We love Cache so much.  I can’t believe how calm, well behaved and loving he is.  He is such a hit everywhere I go.  I could not have asked for a sweeter boy. 

Michelle in MA

Caramel ~ Jayla/Romeo Litter June 2013

Hi Jeana,

I can't believe how wonderful Sydney is. She is perfectly trained and the happiest little girl. She is playful and snuggly. We are totally in love and could not have dreamt of getting a better puppy. Today we visit the vet, but she is clearly a healthy gal.

I want to thank you for picking her out for us. You were such a pleasure to deal with from day one. The constant communication and stream of photos just got us more and more excited. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you,

Ruth in WA
Apricot Parti ~ Jayla/Romeo Puppy June 2013
"Maggie is doing so well!  She is a sweet, playful pup and oh so cute. She sleeps 10 to 7 and potties when taken outside. She has met three of our grandchildren, and loved playing with them, especially racing around the yard!  Thank you so much, Jeana, Jayla and Romeo for the best puppy one could ever have."

Maggie's Mama in OH

Red Merle Parti ~ Molly/Romeo 2013

Hi! I just wanted to finally deliver on sending some pictures of little 7.  The one where he is in the box was from a few weeks after we got him but the rest have been taken recently (5 months old). He is an absolutely amazing dog.  Strangers are constantly stopping us to inform us that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen (as if we didn't already know!) and all our friends absolutely adore him.  He has started an epidemic in my family leading to both my brothers and my parents now being interested in Labradoodles because of how spunky and sweet he is.  I can't imagine my life without that little living stuffed animal.

Hope all is well,

(Chocolate Merle from Roxie and Romeo 2012) Infusion Puppy!

We have been so happy with our little "Cooper". When we first located Blue Ridge Labradoodles on the internet, we were concerned about purchasing a dog sight unseen since our family is in Nashville, TN. But Jeana was so good to keep us updated with pictures and email updates on Cooper prior to us picking him up in Atlanta. And since the day we got him to our home and introduced him to our 3 little girls, he has been a pure joy. Great temperment, great disposition, and he was already crate trained. Our vet gave him an excellent report when we brought him in for his first check-up. He is a super friendly, and his colorings are unlike anything anyone has seen. We get more compliments on his chocolate merle markings than we ever thought possible. People can't see him without making a positive remark about his coat and his unique color markings...which is exactly why we picked him! So for our family, he has been absolutely perfect!
Thanks Jeana.
Spencer Family in TN

(Chocolate Male from Daisy/Flash 2010) Infusion Puppy
"Beans turned 6 mos. this week! What a personality... plus, so energized! He keeps us entertained/on our toes. Beans still sleeps with the green turtle you sent home with him and a little "Lambie" :) He has already taken over our hearts and home :)
"We are extremely happy and proud of our labradoodle G.B. He is such a happy and friendly dog. We found him extremely easy to train. He has learned to stay in our yard, no fence. He is a nice mix of playful energy and calm and contentment. We take him to a dog park where he gets many comments on his appearance and disposition. He is just the right size to participate with an active family and yet curl up on my lap."
Red and White Parti Male from Ginger/Buddy 2011
"I bought a puppy from Jeana at Blue Ridge Labradoodles spring 2011. She is a wonderful dog. Not only is she healthy, but her temperament is warm and loving. She is so good natured and cooporates in all situations. She has been easy to train and is an amazing family dog.
Before we bought the dog, we went to Jeana's home to check things out. The home environment was good and the dogs were well kept. Jeana even began to crate train Stella at 6 weeks until we brought her home at 8 weeks. This made our crate training experience easy and positive. I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Blue Ridge Labradoodles. Thank you."

(Chocolate Parti from Daisy/Flash 2010) Infusion Puppy
"I wanted to send you a picture of our dog "Kacy" with my daughters. We have enjoyed him very much. He currently weighs about 16lbs and is learning to obey, come, sit, etc. My daughters are loving every minute with him."
Black and White Parti Male from Daisy/Flash 2010 Infusion Puppy

Chocolate Merle Female from Daisy/Merlin litter 2009 Infusion Puppy
"I can say without question that Duchess is the friendliest dog I have ever encountered. She literally loves EVERYONE she meets, and has a genuinely sweet nature. She is full grown now and is what I would call a medium sized dog. We always get compliments on her personality as well as her striking coat patterns. She truly brings a lot of joy and happiness to our home."

Blue Ridge Labradoodles specializes in raising healthy and well-adjusted Australian Labradoodle puppies born from qualified and tested breeding stock. We are proud to be able to offer a variety of colors: red, apricot, cream, black, chocolate, red and white parti, and other parti colors, and well as puppies with unique and beautiful white markings. Our puppies are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle puppies. We serve the entire USA, but are particularly serving the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area and also serving with occasional delivery to areas within our vicinity such as North Carolina: Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; South Carolina: Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; Mount Pleasant, SC; Atlanta, Georgia, GA; Tennessee: Knoxville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN and we offer shipping country-wide. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.