Blue Ridge Labradoodles





Our Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies cost $2,700-$3,000. Most of our puppies are $2,700. Merle puppies are $3,000. 

* Please note that SC residents pay 6% tax.
* Breeder males or females are sometimes available - contact us for details.

Australian Labradoodle Sizes:

Our Australian Labradoodles come in these size ranges: 

  • We specialize in breeding rare and hard-to-find micro mini Australian Labradoodles, which are 10-13" to shoulder and grow to be 10 to 15 lb.

  • Our miniature Labradoodles are 14-17" to the shoulder and around 15-30 lbs. Our minis or miniature Labradoodles are the result of a miniature Australian Labradoodle bred to a miniature or medium Australian Labradoodle.

  • Our medium Labradoodles are 17-19" to the shoulder and weigh 30 to 45 lbs.

  • Standard Labradoodles are about 20" to 22" to the shoulder 45 to 60 lb. The breed standard for "Standard Labradoodles" is 20" and up. We do not breed standard sized Labradoodles in our breeding program.

Coat Types:

Fleece: also known as borderline or wavy, is soft to the touch - an allergy friendly coat. It can be curly or wavy. 

Wool: also known as curly, slightly coarse feeling to the touch - an allergy friendly coat.

Hair: also known as flat or slick coat, this is a shedding coat and is NOT allergy friendly.

Grooming requirements of Australian Labradoodles:

There are several factors to consider in grooming your Australian Labradoodle. One is: how long do you want to keep the coat, or what look are you going for? The "shaggy" look is most popular and they can be groomed just a couple times a year. If you keep your pet indoors most of the time you can get away with an occasional bath and brushing every few days. If you want the shorter look, which requires less brushing you will want to groom your pet every couple of months. 

The next thing to consider is coat type. A curly (wool) coat is not one you can keep "shaggy" but would tangle and mat if let grow long - they should be groomed every 2-3 months, depending on care given. A fleece (wavy) coat will allow for the two different grooming options I spoke about and is the most desired Labradoodle coat. The other coat options we do not breed as they often produce shedders - that is why we breed multi-generation Australian Labradoodles, to produce the best coats and temperaments. 


Labradoodles can come in a variety of colors, but the primary ones are as follows: Chalk (white), cream/apricot, gold, caramel, red, black, blue, silver, chocolate, cafe, lavender (lightened chocolate), parchment, parti, sable, brindle, multi-patterned (white markings). We also breed rare merle colors as well!

Rare colors: Sable -Black-tipped hairs; the background colour can be gold to yellow, silver, gray, or tan. The darkness of the coat depends on how much of each hair is black versus the lighter color.

Merle: We are one of the select few breeders of merle Australian Labradoodles. Merle puppies and dogs are clearly attractive and gorgeous, and everyone who owns one gets stopped regularly about their amazing dog! We delight in the privilege to reproduce this genetic makeup in the breeding of our merle Australian Labradoodles. Merles come in a variety of colors and patterns, and not one will be the same as another. Blue merles are a mixture of dark black, grey, silver and white. Chocolate merles are dark brown, tan and white. Red merles are red, apricot, cream and white. Any of these can also be parti colored with some parents. Only merle puppies can have blue eyes (though not all have this trait), and only merle parents can have merle puppies. Here at Blue Ridge Labradoodles we only breed red merles and chocolate merles at this time.

The merle Australian Labradoodle is a rarity in this breed as the merle comes down in the lines only through the infusion of the cocker spaniel and occasionally through the poodle. Our merle lines have come through careful infusion of the Cockapoo. The Cockapoo lines we use are free from genetic defects and our breeding stock selection process has been done very thoughtfully and carefully. We only breed our merle females to males that we KNOW do NOT carry the merle gene, as a double merle is an unsafe combination. As with the rest of our dogs, our merles have fair to excellent hips, their eyes cleared by a CERF specialist for any congenital defects, are PRA clear and have normal cardiac/patella results.

Visit our Upcoming Litters Page to see when our next litter of merle Australian Labradoodles will arrive! Merle Australian Labradoodles are $3,000 each. These dogs are not related in any way to the merle Australian Shepherd.

Phantom: The solid background color of a phantom Doodle’s coat may be black, brown, red silver, apricot, white or cream. The second color presents as specific points on the sides of the dog’s muzzle and on his chin, throat, chest, eyebrows, legs, paws and under the tail. These defined markings follow the same pattern as those found on a Doberman pinscher. Some examples of phantom color combinations include black with apricot, red, cream, silver or brown points, red with apricot points, silver with cream points or brown with apricot points.