Blue Ridge Labradoodles

The First Eight Weeks

The First EIGHT Weeks!


Your puppy at Blue Ridge Labradoodles is born in our personally-designed dog whelping room where they are under our constant watch and care. At 5-6 weeks old, when weaned, they move to our puppy room which is adjacent to the whelping room. Here they learn early training and receive daily human attention and affection. Any litters over one or two will stay with our puppy-approved Guardian Homes, where they receive top-notch care as well. When you come to choose your puppy, you will be able to see where they live, play, sleep and eat (unless they are in a Guardian Home). 

Week One:


Puppies are born, staying with Mama all the time and in a heated cage or room, just the right temperature for newborn puppies. Mom receives excellent care - a variety of fresh meats, eggs, raw goats milk and our special Life's Abundance food - the best diet we can provide! 

Week Two:

Much like week one, the puppies are beginning to open their eyes, they are now beginning to receive human touch which is vital to the development of their personalities. They are beginning to hear the natural noises of a family household as their room is right off of our kitchen.

Week Three:


With eyes open and full hearing now in action the puppies begin to take steps on their own. Still with Mom full-time, they are beginning to get daily human touch as well. They are beginning to get their paws in some wet puppy food, too! 

Week Four:

Now walking, sitting and standing, the puppies are beginning to taste more of Mom's kibble food (if she lets them!) and have begun to show some personality, though it is ever developing at this stage. They give little growls and show interest in people coming to pet them and hold them. Mom begins to spend less time with them and they receive more human love and affection. 

Week Five:


This is an exciting week as the pups learn to fully enjoy their own quality Life's Abundance puppy food (NO grains or anything they shouldn't eat!). We soak the food with raw goats milk or all-natural plain yogurt with water for a few days to help them adjust. Mom will only be with them a few more days.

Week Six:

Your 6 week payment is due now - balance of puppy price.

Mom is now going back to her Guardian Home and ready to get back to life as normal without her babies (who now have lots of teeth so she is not too sorry to say good-bye). The puppies are now being played with every day by adults and children, and have been moved to the puppy training room. They are learning fast where to "go" and where not to "go." They are eating some dry Life's Abundance food along with some soaked food and have a good number of their teeth. By the end of this week they are on a feeding schedule of three or four times a day. 


Time for first visit at our favorite vet, Foothills Veterinary Hospital!

Puppy Choosing week has arrived!! 

Week Seven:

Puppies are now on a schedule and have figured out where to use the bathroom. We use a litter box method for the puppies at this age. They are showing personality and deciding who is the boss. The quiet ones are becoming more obvious and the rowdy ones are getting everyone's attention! This week they begin sleeping in doubles in small, plastic crates. Some crying goes on, but at least they are able to be together during the day. 

First puppy shots! 

By this week you should have ordered the "Grain Free All Life Stages" food on the Life's Abundance website as well as the NuVet Vitamin Supplement to make sure your puppy has the easiest transition to his/her new home and stays on the road of optimum health!


Week Eight:

Your final payment is due now - any training fees, delivery or other extras.

This week they sleep in individual crates and are generally making it though the night wihtout accidents. Good job, puppies! You have completed the early training and are ready to move on to be with your forever family at the assigned go-home date! 

Microchip time and final preparations for going home! 

They are now ready for their new homes or to join our Puppy Steps Training Program!