Blue Ridge Labradoodles

What We Provide

What we provide

  • Health records – shots & de-wormings

  • Original Blue Ridge Labradoodles tote bag

  • ALCA registration paper or official pedigree (for litters with merle parents)

  • Signed guarantee from Blue Ridge Labradoodles —included on contract

  • Harness collar and leash to keep your puppy safer in the first few months with you.

  • 4 day supply of Life's Abundance Grain Free - All Life's Stages Food

  • Sample of Life’s Abundance Grain Free Treats

  • Sample (6 day supply) of Nu Vet vitamins

  • Chewing bully stick samples - puppy size

  • Familiar blanket just for your puppy

  • A puppy-safe play toy and/or tennis ball

  • A cute stuffed animal for a fun memory of our home!

  • Additional items included for puppies enrolled in our Puppy Steps Training Program.

What you will need

  • More Life's Abundance puppy food, treats, shampoo and more!—You will need to get online and order your puppy food, etc. set up for auto-ship to arrive before the go home date. Click this link to order now.

  • Food/Water Dish (included in training packet)

  • Dog hair brush and basic grooming supplies

  • A variety of training treats. Life's Abundance offers some of our favorites!

  • NuVet pet vitamin supplements. Set up on auto-ship through this link.

  • Crate/Kennel—We recommend a 36"L wire crate that can be partitioned off for early months when the puppy is still not fully house-trained.

  • Collar and Leash (optional, for growing into)

  • Puppy pads or newspaper for indoor training, if desired. Disposable underpads are available at any drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS, and puppy-training pads are available at pet stores.

  • A vet appointment within the first 7 days.