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"Hi! Debbie did a wonderful job during the two weeks he spent in training with her. He is super sweet, smart, was an amazing passenger on the long ride home, totally potties outside, walks on his leash like a pro (even after he started off with Debbie pulling backwards), and best of all...he gives kisses galore! Thanks for helping us make this happen." ~Sandy


Our Puppy Steps Training Program is designed to help your puppy get the best start in training as possible, while learning to adapt to daily family life.

This is carried out by all of our puppies growing up in a loving home environment and training one-on-one each day, as well as socializing every puppy with a variety of people and animals on a daily basis. 


Our trainer, Debbie, uses the Clicker Training method, which you can read more about at this link. It is very effective with our young puppies. They are very intelligent and eager to learn. 

Training starts when the puppy turns 8 weeks old and can continue with us up until 12 weeks of age - we allow a flexible time-frame, but we recommend the four weeks of training

The most unique part about our Training Program is that we can tailor it to meet your needs. Some people need a puppy that will contentedly stay in a crate during daytime hours, while others need a puppy to use a doggie door. Early therapy dog training and other special needs companion training can also be incorporated. While further training will still be needed, this gets a young puppy a start that cannot be found many places.

Cost: $300 a week or 4 week package for $1,000. 

*Please note that as soon as the puppy enters our training program, the training program fees are non-refundable. Thank you. 

What is included in our Puppy Steps Training:

FOR Continuing your TRAINING! Order: Clicking With Your Dog By: Karen Pryor

FOR Continuing your TRAINING!
Order: Clicking With Your Dog
By: Karen Pryor

  • Complete Night-time Crate Training

  • Beginning Housebreaking

  • Indoor Paper Training/Potty Training Using Litter Box for weeks 4-8, then transitioning to outdoor training. We can use indoor training methods if your puppy will be raised in an apartment.

  • Basic Command Training: Come, Sit, Wait, Bed (We can't guarantee your puppy will know all of these commands flawlessly, but the training will at least be started and he/she will have several of them down very well.)

  • Puppy Learns His/Her Name

  • Leash Walking

  • Basic Obedience and Manners, no chewing/biting

  • Puppies are kept up to date on shots and de-worming treatments during the training period

  • Puppies receive Life's Abundance puppy food and Nu Vet Supplements daily, both of which you should order before welcoming your new puppy home, as part of the program to keep him/her on the road to good health.